Prof. Yuri Grigoriev, MD

“Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) represent the
greatest danger facing humanity today.”

— Prof. Yuri Grigoriev, MD
Member of the International Advisory Committee of World Health Organization (WHO) of EMFs and Health.
Chairman of the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection under the Academy of Science.

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Sources of EMFs

Daily EMF rays which penetrate the brain, immune and other organs of ours and of our children.
Add their combined interaction with dust, toxic chemicals, molds, viruses and bacteria inside and outside of our bodies!
By doing this, you have just arrived to the best prescription for having chronic disease, for a lifetime.


And because our world nowadays is what it is, humanity is facing the greatest danger today, as stated by this high-ranking scientist of the World Health Organization, Prof. Yuri Grigoriev, with 50 years of experience in EMF research. He knows well the enormous body of scientific research linking EMFs to the epidemics of cancer, Alzheimer’s, infertility, brain tumors, insomnia and many other chronic diseases.

One of these numerous studies, published recently by two respected researchers from Columbia University, Drs. Martin Blank and Reba Goodman, has stated the following:

“The stress response is an unambiguous indication that cells react to EMFs as potentially harmful. It is therefore an indication of compromised cell safety, given by the cell in the language of the cell…Increased energy of EMF stimulus increases breaks in single and double strands of DNA.”

“Utilizing experimental studies of DNA breaks with ionizing (nuclear) radiation, it is possible in principle to relate cancer incidence to EMF exposures.”

They also point to a direct link between cancer and EMF exposure, and state that “the current EMF safety standards are deceptive and not protective.”

As this specifically relates to the above photo depicting countless sources of EMFs in our daily environment harming the brain, immune and other organs of children and adults, Drs. Blank and Goodman pointed to another major oversight in our current EMF “safety standards”: “Safety standards must consider total EMF exposure, not just its separate sources.”

This concerns other international EMF researchers where they refer to increased risk of childhood leukemia related to EMFs and the need to reconsider the exposure limits for their magnetic fields: “There is an obvious need for further combined studies on effects with magnetic fields” (Jukka Juutilainen, et. al. Do Extremely Low Frequency magnetic fields enhance the effects of environmental carcinogens? A meta-analysis of experimental studies. Int. J. Radiat. Biol., Vol. 82, No. 1, January 2006, pp. 1-12).

Prof. Grigoriev, MD stated too, that multiple sources of EMFs in our daily environment, acting concurrently on the body must be taken into account. Yet, due to the great diversity of our genetics, state of health and lifestyle, and exposure, it is impossible to measure both their combined effects on the human organism and even more impossible to determine their safe standards. Logistically, as toxicologists stated that safe levels of poisons cannot exist, nor can that of EMFs because these are just as foreign and un-physiologic to our bodies.

So, in essence, are we dealing with the slow-glowing cigarette of Chernobyls or Fukoshimas right in our homes, places of work and children’s facilities. After I reflected on this sinister parallel between the two in the Memon brochure: ionizing or nuclear radiation and nonionizing or EMF radiation, based on years of bio-resonance testing and clinical experience in addressing EMFs in the most serious diseases, I discovered that Drs. Blank and Goodman drew this same exact link too. In their study, Electromagnetic fields stress living cells (The Official Journal of the International Society for Pathophysiology. Volume 16. Issue 2, 71 – 78).

In the end, damaged DNA, whether from nuclear radiation, EMF radiation, or even excessive sun radiation, leads to cancer and other serious chronic diseases, no matter what exactly damaged it. In addition, as scientists also report, while our bodies carry toxic rays and pollutants they potentiate each other’s harm (Do extremely low frequency magnetic fields enhance the effects of environmental carcinogens? A meta-analysis of experimental studies by Jukka Juutalainen, et. al. Int. J. Radiat. Biol., Vol. 82, No. 1, January 2006, pp. 1-12). And Italian scientists have reported too how environmental EMFs interact with mercury in the human body, causing increased inflammation and free radical damage (Allergological and Toxicological Aspects in a Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Cohort. Pigatto, Paolo et. al., Hindawi Publishing Corporation. Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, Vol. 2013). Free radical damage has been linked to degenerative diseases and conditions from cancer to premature wrinkles and aging.

Another scientist in the field, who is familiar with scientific experiments demonstrating how electromagnetic radiation penetrates human organs, stated: “If people knew how these fields pierce their bodies, they would refuse to come to work in their office.” But the reality is that nowadays, our homes and offices offer little difference in the degree of electromagnetic pollution. The best evidence to this is a statement by one of my patients in response to my findings of bioresonance testing that his body was“smoking”from EMF: “What can I tell you, doctor. I have cable, satellite, fiber optics, entire home audio, that is connected to at least two walls if not all four walls of every room in my home. Every room has a TV, VCR, DVD, satellite receiver, laptop / desktop computer, wired and wireless internet. My phone switch can run a small business. All of these items are all electronic with displays. It’s not possible to avoid some of these devices.”

Even while this statement from around 2010 might already be outdated by today’s ever-rising load of household electronics and the surrounding mushrooming cellphone towers, it shows us how electrically polluted our homes actually are for us and our children. This is similar to other mass health hazards: tobacco smoke, asbestos, mercury fillings, lead poisoned air and drinking water. Each of these took decades for our health care agencies to catch up with, while they were destroying the entire populations. As a concrete example, the first reports linking smoking to cancer emerged in 1947, yet no healthcare policies to warn and protect the public, including children and infants, were instituted until many decades later. By that time, the health toll was already catastrophic with millions of people having died prematurely or becoming sick.

The concrete and immense role of toxic agents in causing mass disease epidemics can be deduced from this quiz: What single measures in healthcare have actually produced the single most convincing, effective and scientifically documented the greatest reduction of mortality and morbidity on a mass scale, ever?

1. A miraculous new and just discovered drug
2. A powerful natural immune booster
3. Healthy diet and regular exercise
4. Antioxidants, vitamins and other nutritional supplements
5. Cholesterol-lowering drugs
6. Relaxation and meditation
7. All of the above

The correct answer is none of the above, but the simple measures which prevented public exposure to noxious agents, fostering diseases and fatalities. These measures were directed against exposure to smoking, asbestos, lead, and x-ray treatments for face acne.

I have presented this important point in FCT’s DVD course: Curable: Autism, ADHD, Lyme Disease with co-infections, & Morgellon’s Disease. It demonstrated that the effective prevention and treatment of chronic disease was possible only through identifying (based on bio-resonance testing) and addressing therapeutically (using causative homeopathy) their main causes. I have named these main causes, Star-Bullets. EMFs is one of these bullets, based on my clinical observations concerning its effect on so many people, their personal testimonials concerning themselves and their children, before and after using Memon, and on the supporting scientific research. Its thousands of reports, linking EMF to dreadful diseases, cannot be ignored in spite of our conditioned habit of ignoring important health issues only because of their obscurity in the media.

However, considering a drastic shift in the means of media delivery, from paper to electronics, marketability of websites and TV channels, with many of their sponsors being consumer electronic companies, the mainstream TV networks and internet media would be the last to tell us the truth about the dangers of EMFs because of the risk of substantial losses, due to a drop in traffic to their sites. That is why when nearly 200 EMF researchers, from all over the world, recently presented their alarming open statement to the UN and WHO (World Health Organization), concerning dangers of EMFs for humanity, all of the major TV networks and newspapers ignored it. Certainly, had it been about any other environmental issue, such as the global warming, the coverage would be abundant.

Another unpublicized study concerned cancer which started rising in the US in direct correlation with electrification rates in the early 20th century. Compared to our current astronomical load of EMFs, the exposure back then was limited only to power lines, residential wiring and light bulbs.

However, while smoking, asbestos and lead can be avoided, this cannot be the case with EMFs today. Essentially, we are on our own with this harm, or as a public beach sign advised the visitors in a humorous Russian novel: “The plight of rescuing drowning citizens lies in the hands of the drowning citizens themselves.” What is in our hands is to minimize the exposure by reducing the unnecessary use of consumer electronics, and using effective electromagnetic protective devices.

Otherwise, as it has been the case with cigarettes and asbestos in the past, we will be seeking later on who to blame for our ill health and ruined quality of life, instead of learning from those tragic lessons. As for me and my family, we have chosen to both reduce the exposure and to protect ourselves with Memon.