What made me look for and realize that EMFs are a Star-Bullet?

Some time ago, I started observing a pattern, strange for my FCT approach. It concerned patients who, uncharacteristically, were responding poorly to FCT and some would even report intense aggravations following the remedies.

This was quite puzzling yet bioresonance testing, as usual, came to the rescue by finding high electromagnetic fields present in the brain and other organs in all of these patients. Not as a strange coincidence to this finding, all of these patients happened to live in Manhattan which is well-known for its high number of skyscrapers, yet for little-publicized just as sky-high level of EMF pollution.

Once through the series of strict measures these patients were able to address their EMF-blocking impact on FCT, their response to homeopathic treatment has changed for the better, but yet not as good as after Memon was added to these measures, later on.

I must add here that it isn’t only homeopathic therapy that may lead to aggravations in the absence of proper protection from EMF. Numerous therapies and, particularly alternative ones which aim at detoxification, chelation, energetic or even metabolic and nutritional balancing lead, unknowingly, to stirring up of widespread deposits of toxic metals throughout the body which, once dumped from the tissues into the bloodstream, begin to invariably interact and even more intensely with environmental EMFs.
The end result of these, no matter, how “natural” of treatments or “detoxes” these portray to be, they often lead to severe immediate or long-term aggravations and worsening of health. The most dangerous of these all are certainly prevailing alternative treatments which claim to detoxify of mercury or other metals, yet many of these can be triggered even by some colon or other “detox.” Through the FCT DVD courses, webinars, and e-letters, we have presented such actual and documented patient cases, some of whom have become severely incapacitated for close to 20 years in spite of a slew of alternative and conventional treatments aimed at undoing “the detox.”
Once diagnosed with bioresonance testing that has established these re-intoxications and treated with FCT, including its EMF protective measures, their recoveries followed promptly.

According to some statistics, an overall rise in EMF from the turn of the 20th century through now has reached 30 million fold with an average household already matching or exceeding the EMF pollution of what Manhattan used to be in the 1990s.

But the true medical reality behind this 30 million fold and continuous increase and change in these frequencies is that never in the history of mankind did such a drastic and severe alteration in the environment take place within only some 100-years’ time that practically leaves zero chance for proper development of genetic adaptation.
That is why a scientific study performed in Russia has demonstrated that all participants, even as deemed “healthy” young adults, displayed harmful physiologic effects of EMFs.
It was only a matter of degree. The clinically relevant bottom line here is that after millions of years of man’s body being energetically attuned to and physiologically dependent on the natural earth and atmospheric fields, it has now become like the body of fish being pulled out of water.
Inevitable and practical medical implications of this is that before we engage the best marine life specialists, conventional or alternative, in treating such fish, it would be far more prudent to connect it back with water, as best as we can, under the circumstances. To have just a glimpse of practical and real life rewards of such a simple measure, just examine the page Why Memon? In people’s own words.