Patents and Their Usual Misleading Assumptions

The majority of us are impressed with certain devices or inventions, including EMF protective devices, being patented or applied for. As a consequence, we automatically assume that such an invention must be effective, worthy and, certainly, superior to its patent-less competition.

However, such an assumption, is only an illusion, because neither efficacy nor even human safety are the duties of the patent office to consider. Their only duty is to verify that a given invention represents something new and not an outright nonsense. Whether a device is truly useful or safe for human health is the duty of FDA to determine, not the patent office. So, if someone is to register a new EMF protective device, that is charged with a nuclear material that may slowly kill the entire household, a patent office might still award it a patent.

Many companies, including Memon, intentionally do not seek patents for fear that the disclosed unique technology might be copied by the competitors, who have not spent a penny on its research and development.