Mechanism of Protection and Its History

Winfried Dochow
Winfried Dochow
One could hardly suspect the Memon developer engineer and scientist, Winfried M. Dochow, of jumping on the bandwagon of EMF-protective devices if one examines just two hard facts. One, Mr. Dochow came to realize that EMFs and toxic chemicals have caused his cancer and he needed to address this very seriously. And, two, it took him over 20 years to finally produce verification of Memon achieving the desired high standards in protection from EMF radiation.

While studying the effects of manmade hazardous electromagnetic fields and the natural energy spectrum on people, Mr. Dochow collaborated with the renowned Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of physics in Vienna and the Joanneum Research Center in Graz, Austria, on developing Memon technology. He literally carried out hundreds of thousands of tests until his goal of creating a potent EMF-protective mechanism was finally realized. This was achieved through imprinting numerous hazardous wave patterns of EMFs and, also, of carcinogenic toxic chemical pollutants in our environment into the crystalloid-like structure inside the Memon transformers.

Its scientific principle is enrooted in the well-known phenomenon of physics and nature – resonance. Based on the match between these wave patterns imprinted in Memon, on one hand, and their similar harmful wave patterns of EMFs or toxic chemicals in people's environment, on the other, Memon subjects these harmful waves to neutralization. This specifically is related to destructive resonance or destructive interference of vibrations, as established by physics, whereby two similar waves mutually cancel or destroy one another. One may observe this by throwing two similar rocks into water next to each other and watching their respective wave-circles cancelling one another and water becoming still quickly, again. The harmful waves in our daily environment come from the wiring in houses and apartments and their numerous appliances, car, cell phone and other electronic devices as computer and TV, chlorinated swimming pool, food, air, chemically contaminated and tap water that has been electrocuted by its heating system of metal pipes.

Memon creation of destructive interference wave

Michael Steinhofel, MD,
Independent science consultant
and researcher, Germany
Michael Steinhofel
"The memon® technology is clearly positively efficient on each level of biological systems (including cells, tissue, organs, organ systems, organism and supra organism). The protective effect of the memon® technology is long lasting."
Another important energetic property well-known to physics that Memon particularly focused on addressing is one of information. This was an ingenious aspect of engineer Dochow's work as this most essential level for our body cells has been ignored by the rest of the EMF-protective devices industry, as this is not an easy property to control. This was another reason why it took long years to complete the Memon project. The bottom line is that while Memon may not register a decrease in crude EMF measurements through conventional gauss or volt meters, yet the information level of human cells changes very favorably, as established by Mr. Dochow in his experiments in the aforementioned Austrian research centers. Perhaps this is the main reason why other EMF-protective devices, even if able to produce some lowering in crude EMF readings are either simply too weak to produce sufficiently effective health effects as indicated through testing people's brains, immune, reproductive or other organs via bioresonance testing. Or these devices test outright harmful against these organs.

The same patterns of either too weak or harmful effects on the part of these devices are confirmed through the dowsing test of the area such as bedrooms, living rooms, office and other.

Memon technology has been awarded a scientific patent for its unique design by the German trademark
and patent office under ipict® or Information Polarization Interference Chip Technology, in 2004.

Mr. Hans Felder and Mrs. Erika Felder, Principal Managers of Memon Company
Mr. Hans Felder and Mrs. Erika Felder, Principal Managers of
Memon Company
The great health benefits of Memon technology which have set it aside from its competitors attracted Mr. Hans Felder – a progressive developer of ecologically healthy or green housing in Germany – who introduced Memon technology in order to boost the health environment in green housing. He and his wife, Mrs. Erika Felder, subsequently took over the distribution of Memon EMF-protective devices worldwide.

Today, thousands of apartments, houses, hotels, swimming pools, health spas, shops, schools, business and doctors' offices in Western Europe are equipped with Memon technology for the protection of their space or water protection from the hazards of EMFs and toxic chemicals.

Likewise, tens of thousands of grateful Memon consumers worldwide use its technology to protect themselves from cell and cordless phones, Bluetooth, computers, and car-related EMF hazards.

Hans Joachim Stuck
Hans Joachim Stuck
This is what legendary professional German car racer Hans Joachim Stuck had to say about Memon:
"I feel great and on top of my game. I had tried memonizerCAR in my private car and I always felt very relaxed. But now, having tested it under extreme racing conditions, I am absolutely thrilled!"

So does my entire family and I use Memon for our cars, house, its water supply, computer, my office, cell phones, and food. And those patients of mine and many other Memon owners who went with Memon saw a big difference, too.

In the end, EMFs are here to stay and harm us while no government agency is going to do anything substantial to stop this. It is simply too late and economically and socially unfeasible to harness the EMF-digital industry as all – the profits, demand, and degree of public ignorance – concerning the real toll it pays for the consumption of 'fun goods' are too high. So, it is obvious that this is one of those cold-blooded facts which we have no choice but to face. Likewise, it is just as a matter of hard fact that our survival in this electromagnetic madness is going to rest in our hands, and in our hands only.

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