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Martin Blank, Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in colloid science from the University of Cambridge. He dedicated his scientific career
to the study of the effects of electromagnetic fields on health, for over thirty years. He has been on the faculty of Columbia University for 45 years.

“As we learn about the risks of EMF exposure and its wide-ranging health effects, which are scientifically demonstrated in humans, we begin to grasp the seriousness and enormity of the problem.”

“We can only demonstrate that these negative health effects are strongly linked to various types of EMF exposures widely considered to be safe.”

“It is clear that the health risks from man-made EMF are real, with a wide-ranging impact on people. This is the consensus of a growing number of responsible scientists and professional health-care workers.”

“Of course, any environmental pollutant that is strong enough to cause this degree of damage to humans is bound to damage other animals and plants.”

“The science clearly demonstrates that non-ionizing EMF radiation does harm humans and other forms of life, causing disease and other health disorders.”

“EMF damages DNA.”

“EMF transforms human cells culture into cancerous cells.” (Electromagnetic fields stress living cells, Blank, Goodman, Pathophysiology 16 (2009) 71-78)

“Given the well-documented health effects of EMF exposure, why isn’t a greater alarm being sounded?”

      Martin Halper, Director of Analysis and Support of the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, “I have never seen a set of epidemiological studies that remotely approached the weight of evidence we’re seeing with EMFs. Clearly there is something here.”

Professor William Ross Adey

Professor William Ross Adey, Ph. D., Distinguished Professor of Physiology, Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry, Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda, CA, 32954. Chief of Research Service, Loma Linda VA Medical Center, 1977-1997. Chairman, Committee on Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement, 1986-present. Consultant, Department of Energy. Consultant, World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Safety Standards Committee for ELF Fields. Author of over 400 papers, chapters, and books on cell and molecular biology, physiological and bioengineering research.

“Electromagnetic fields act at cell membranes and interfere with the actions of hormones, antibodies of immune system, neurotransmitters, and interact with chemical cancer promoters from chemical pollution.”

“Bioelectromagnetic research reveals clear evidence of joint actions at cell membranes of chemical cancer promoters and environmental electromagnetic fields.”

“ELF (extremely low frequency fields from electric power lines) and RF-microwave fields (radio frequency used by radio station transmitters and cell phone towers) amplitude-modulated at ELF frequencies have been shown to influence growth in normal cells and to modulate their transformation and initiation as cancer cells.” (Adey, W. Ross; “Joint Actions of Environmental Nonionizing Electromagnetic Fields and Chemical Pollution in Cancer Promotion”. Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 86, pp. 297-305, 1990.)

Örjan Hallberg

Örjan Hallberg, Hallberg Independent Research, Farsta, Sweden. Hallberg received an MSc in Electrical Engineering in 1966. Quality and environmental manager within the Ericsson Corporation from 1981 – 2003.

Olle Johansson

Olle Johansson, professor, head of the Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, at the Karolinska Institute, is an authority on EMF radiation and health effects. Author of more than 500 scientific documents in neuroscience and has collaborated with several Nobel Laureates.

      “Have thousands of persons unnecessarily been sacrificed since 1955?” Hallberg Ö, Johannson O, Tidsskr Biol Med 2002; 2: 26-27

      “Cancer Trends During the 20th Century,” Journal of Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine Vol. 21 No. 1; April 2002: pages 3-8.” Hallberg, Ö, and Johannson, O.

      The answer of these two scientists was, yes, countless numbers of people throughout the world have been sacrificed to skyrocketing epidemics of cancer. In these studies alone, they have demonstrated the direct correlation between the increase in EMF exposure and the following cancers: lung, colon, breast, prostate, bladder, and melanoma, all carrying serious mortality rates.

      But even while the cellphones have received the most publicity, due to their ubiquitous and compulsive use by everyone that is enhanced by the hazardous waves created by the global networks of cell phone towers, the sobering facts are that all radio or microwave technology, including cordless and even old fashioned land or analogue phones, represents a formidable health hazard. Land phones, in particular, indicated the highest association with cancer risk. (Non-thermal Biological Effects of Microwaves, Igor Y. Belyaev, Ph.D., D.Sc., Department of Genetics, Microbiology and Toxicology, The Arrhenius Laboratories for Natural Sciences, Stockholm University, Sweden, Microwave Review, November 2005)

      In the same review, cordless phones were associated with the risk for brain tumors, acoustic neuroma, and T-cell lymphoma stronger or in the same degree as digital and analogue phones. Pregnant women and children, and many, particularly EMF sensitive people, carried an even greater risk.

Studies Concerning the Beneficial Effect of Memon Technology on
Electromagnetic Radiations, Which Have Morbid Consequences for Human Health

  1. Memon, Empirically Effective.
    Click here to download a scientific study on the effectiveness of Memon® technology on hormones in men and women, by Prof. Dr. R. Schmidt-Borelli.  (.doc format)

    Click here to download the study “Worth Knowing About Water and memonizerWATER/FLATWATER,” by Dr. Friedhelm Schneider.  (.pdf format)

    Click here to download a a double-blind study on the effectual strength of Memon® technology in biological systems, by Dr. Michael Steinhofel, MD, Independent science consultant and researcher, Germany  (.pdf format)

    Click here to download a scientific study on the measurable effects of Memon® technology, by Dr. Friedhelm Schneider.  (.pdf format)

    Click here to download the two-part study “Biophysical Investigation of the Effectiveness of the Product ‘memonizerCOMBI’,” including “Physical test in the AC-magnetic field” and “Temporal expansion, range and capacity of the effectiveness on a geopathic displacement spike.” by Mag. Dr. Walter Hannes Medinger, judicially accredited and authorized expert.  (.pdf format)

  2. The Beneficial Effect of Memon Technology in Homes & Offices

    The Beneficial Effect of Memon Technology

          Without the Memon Combi, we see strong gradients of magnetic flux. With the Memon Combi, we see much reduced magnetic gradients of magnetic flux. This is the image of magnetic flux density in the modern indoor environment produced by our everyday electromagnetic devices and wiring, changing from very hazardous to our health to far more favorable due to the effect of memonizer Combi. This was documented in 2013 through a scientific study conducted by an independent research laboratory at the International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IREC), in Donah, Austria.

          This beneficial health effect has spread and been registered throughout the entire two floors of an office of a 240m² or 2,583ft², exactly as claimed by the Memon Company, for the protective power of the Memon Combi of this capacity.

    Memonizer Combi
    Memonizer Combi

          Memonizer Combi devices are being used for houses, apartments, and office environments, as well as for hotel and similar settings. Combis take only a second to install by simply plugging it in to an outlet, and they require zero maintenance.

    Memonizer Combi
    Memonizer Combi

          But, what is the real health or medical significance of this reduction in magnetic flux density and how harmful is it to our and our children’s bodies, or even to our pets and plants, as Dr. Blank stated?

          There are hundreds of scientific findings pointing to EMF present in homes and offices, and particularly their magnetic fields which cause significant harm and diseases by disrupting our core physiological processes. It is to note that until physiological processes are altered, the emergence of any disease remains virtually impossible. Even just a few of these studies below say it all.

          The degree of reduction of magnetic flux or field is very important for our physiology because, as presented in a scientific article by the internationally known physicists from Great Britain and Italy, cells in living organisms use magnetic flux for cell to cell physiological communication. When this healthy communication is altered by external EMFs or magnetic fields, the state of health deteriorates and moves towards disease.

          The magnetic flux has been known for many years as part of the famous Josephson Effect – a Nobel Prize discovery in physics in the 1960s – which is the main ingredient of superconductivity or communication effect, utilized by modern computers. However, it was later determined that the same phenomenon constitutes the fundamental feature of our physiological dynamics because it assures proper communication between all cells in the living, (“Magnetic Flux Quantization and Josephson Behaviour in Living Systems”, Del Giudice, E., et al., Physica Scripta. Vol. 40, 786-791, 1989.)

          Due to this fact and that proper programming of even our DNA itself, and our genes, also depend on normal internal electromagnetic oscillations among other, numerous scientific studies have convincingly demonstrated significant pathological effects on humans and other living, including brain function, of microwave and other EMF radiation. (“Non-thermal biological Effects of Microwaves”, Belyaev, I. Y., Ph.D., D.Sc., Department of Genetics, Microbiology and Toxicology, The Arrhenius Laboratories for Natural Sciences, Stockholm University, Microwave Review, November, 2005).

          “Magnetic, rather than electrical components of these environmental fields may be significant factors in cancer promotion and are supported by engineering studies in the U.S. and Sweden.” (Adey, W. Ross; “Joint Actions of Environmental Nonionizing Electromagnetic Fields and Chemical Pollution in Cancer Promotion”. Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol. 86, pp. 297-305, 1990.)

          Perhaps, quite a striking report from the prestigious California Institute of Technology, and San Diego University, helps to close the circuit between the external EMFs and our bodies, and particularly, the brain. In this report, scientists presented a startling discovery that the human brain and adrenal glands, (the body’s main energy engine that produces our energy sustaining hormone, cortisol) contain millions of crystals with magnet like properties – magnetites. However, magnetites also represent excellent EMF conductors. This enhanced conductivity, the scientists noted, make humans particularly sensitive to external EMFs and their magnetic fields, (“Magnetite in Human Tissues: A Mechanism for the Biological Effects of Weak ELF Magnetic Fields”, Kirschvink, J. L., et al, Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California; Bioelectromagnetics Supplement 1:101-113, 1992).

          In essence, we and our children have even more receptive and permanent antennas than in all the rest of our tissues, in our brains and adrenal glands, which receive EMF waves 24/7. Not surprisingly, all brain related diseases and disorders: autism, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, brain tumors, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, depression, anxiety, headaches, learning disabilities, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, assimilating new material, insomnia, memory problems, all have gone through the proverbial ‘roof’, over the last two decades. Many seek ‘solutions’ to their subpar brain function through stimulants: sweets, coffee, sodas, alcohol, street drugs, amphetamines, and other psychotropic drugs. All these become and turn into more diseases of their own.

    Memonizer Mobile

    Memonizer Mobile iPhoneMemonizer Mobile iPhoneMemonizer Mobile iPhone

    Memonizer Mobile AndroidMemonizer Mobile AndroidMemonizer Mobile AndroidMemonizer Mobile Android

  3. Here are the conclusions of the independent laboratory in the USA of its phase I of a double-blind study concerning shielding humans, through Memon technology, from microwaves emitted by cell phones and cell phone towers.

    Among the parameters studied were: cells, mitochondria (energy producer in cells), and the function of the brain and other organs.

    1. Memon has clearly demonstrated positive results at the cellular level.
    2. Memon produced a protective antioxidant effect.
            It is to note that the great majority of chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or accelerated aging are caused by oxidative damage from different harmful factors, including EMF. Speaking of Alzheimer’s, the answer of Swedish scientists from the Department of Neuroscience of the world-renowned Karolinska Institute to their study: “Alzheimer Mortality – Why Does it Increase So Fast in Sparsely Populated Areas?”, was, ‘It is due to the use of cell phone technology.’
    3. Memon restored disrupted intercellular communication.
    4. Memon improved brain function.
    5. Memon improved other organ function.
            Be aware that, as stated by Dr. Blank, even though cordless phones emit the same type of radiation as cell phones, yet, these are even worse than cell phones, as their base stations that hold the receivers fill our homes and expose us to microwave radiation, day and night, unless these are shielded with effective protective devices, such as Memon, in my experience.

          Another recent study conducted by an independent environmental analysis laboratory has demonstrated a significant drop in ultra-fine dust particles in the air, as the result of beneficial effects of MemonCombi transformer for residence and office settings. The study was carried out in June, 2012, in the concert hall lobby in Klagenfurt, Austria, by Aeromess GBR Laboratory of Dresden, Germany.

          The fine dust particle concentration was measured before and after use of Memonizer Combi residence/office transformer. Following the use of Memonizer Combi, there was a significant decrease in the fine particle dust concentration.

    What is the medical significance of ultra-fine dust particles versus large ones?

          Paradoxically, unlike the prevailing common sense opinion that inhaled larger particles, due to their sheer size, ought to be causing more damage than the smaller ones, it is just the opposite. The smaller the particles, the more destructive to our health and internal organs they become, and more serious chronic diseases they cause. This is because of the following reasons:

    1. Ultra-fine particles possess a greater ability to avoid being blocked and cleared by special ciliary cells in our airways, which act like windshield wipers in the car, in order to protect the lungs from environmental pollutants and infections.
    2. Due to their small size, ultra-fine particles have far greater penetrating capacity to reach deep into the lung tissue itself.
    3. From there or the lung cells – alveoli – which are richly supplied with blood vessels, ultra-fine particles penetrate into the systemic circulation, itself.
    4. In addition, bacteria, and fungi or mold type microorganisms are attached to ultra-fine dust particles and form bio-aerosols or infected dust. These all lodge deep in the airways and lungs, and enter systemic circulation, also.

    5. From there medical research registered ultra-fine dust particles being spread, and causing damage to, many internal organs. Among these are: liver, spleen, kidney, heart arteries, lymph nodes, and the brain. The brain, besides blood circulation, can be invaded, also, through the nasal passages. Quoting one of the scientific research studies: “Morphomeric analysis of the central nervous system indicated unequivocally that the brain is a crucial target for PM (particulate matter or dust) exposure and links exposure to susceptibility to neurodegeneration.”

      [(Ultrafine Particles Cross Cellular Membranes by Nonphagocytic Mechanisms in Lungs and in Cultured Cells. Geiser, et al., Environmental Health Perspectives, 113:11, November 2005).
      (Translocation and potential neurological effects of fine and ultrafine particles a critical update. Peters et al., Particle and Fibre Toxicology, 2006, 3:13).]

    Human Anatomy

    What do small dust particles usually consist of?

          These contain house dust, environmental pollutants, diesel and other car exhaust fumes, lead, soot, dyes, toners, cosmetics, and other toxic elements.

          As the combined result of all of these morbid factors, ultra-fine particle dust has been associated with an increase in the following serious diseases: Lung emphysema, heart artery disease and heart attacks, cardiac arrhythmia, and, overall, increased death rates caused by these diseases.

          Also, increased hospital admissions due to heart and lung related medical emergencies, respiratory allergies and bronchial asthma. Increased blood fibrinogen that leads to heart disease, vascular disease, and strokes. Brain lesions identical to those of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, chronic brain inflammation and brain damage, decreased cognitive function in children, leading to lower IQ & intelligence, decrease in memory, vocabulary, reading comprehension and neural development; increased DNA damage and death rates. Abundant medical research has linked exposure to diesel alone, to cancer and premature death.

    Lung Damage
    One of the microphotos of lung damage
    due to fine dust particles

          Thus, scientific research has convincingly demonstrated a gigantic health and even death toll of ultra-fine particle dust at home or the workplace, while most of these morbid effects continue to build up over the years, until it is too late.

In Summary

      Memon technology offers unique environmental and personal health benefits. These concern both major modern threats to our health – electromagnetic radiation and indoor environmental toxic dust and pollution.

Memonizer Devices

      Practically all Memon devices take only seconds to install by lay people, are maintenance free, and carry an indefinite lifespan.

memon is awarded a Seal of Quality!

Seal of Qualitymemon is the first company to be awarded a Seal of Quality for its technology which neutralises the biological effect of high-frequency radiation (electrosmog) on cells:

Conducted by Prof. Peter C Dartsch, Head of Biochemistry at the Dartsch Scientific Institute for Cell Biological Test Systems, the study confirmed that:

memon effectively protects human cells from the damaging effects of high-frequency radiation (electrosmog).

What was the goal of the study?

The study was structured in such a way that it addressed and convincingly demonstrated two of the most common questions relating to high-frequency radiation and effective protection through memon technology:

  1. Does non-ionising high-frequency radiation have a negative effect on the vitality of living cells?
  2. If so, can the cell be protected from this negative effect by using memon technology?

What was tested?

A memonizerCOMBI Standard A was tested in a series of tests, on different days and over a period of several weeks.

The tests measured the impact of induced radiation emissions from a DECT base station on connective tissue cells during a 24-hour incubation period and compared it with the control group without memon.

The result:

Cell biology studies have shown that a significant loss of cell vitality occurs within 24 hours when exposed to high-frequency radiation.

This loss was statistically significantly reduced when memon technology was used.


memon is proven to reduce the biological effect high-frequency radiation (electrosmog) has on cells.

What does this evidence of the biological effect on cells mean for memon users?

  • Reliable protection
  • Leader in quality and technology

An incentive for further research, solutions and products

“The effect of memon technology is therefore considered to be adequately proven – with scientific evidence.” (Prof. Arnim Bechmann)

In 2012, Prof. Armin Bechmann evaluated 47 studies on memon technology using scientific standards and was able to confirm the effectiveness of memon in an extensive meta-analysis. (available from Amazon) The new study by Prof. Dartsch involves living cells and marks yet another milestone for memon in providing scientific proof. Plans are already under way to publish the study by Prof. Dartsch.

“In this study, Prof. Dartsch has incorporated connective tissue cells for the first time. The study is particularly impressive in showing the negative effects of high-frequency radiation on human cells and proves that memon offers protection from these effects.

This is another reason for us to continue our research, develop new solutions and offer products that provide optimum protection for your wellbeing and vitality.

Erika and Hans Felder
Company Management
memon bionic instruments GmbH

For more information on memon protective devices, please visit

How & Why Memon Has Been Born

Winfried Dochow
Winfried Dochow

      One could hardly suspect the Memon developer engineer and scientist, Winfried M. Dochow, of jumping on the bandwagon of EMF-protective devices if one examines just two hard facts. One, Mr. Dochow came to realize that EMFs and toxic chemicals have caused his cancer and he needed to address this very seriously. And, two, it took him over 20 years to finally produce verification of Memon achieving the desired high standards in protection from EMF radiation.

      While studying the effects of manmade hazardous electromagnetic fields and the natural energy spectrum on people, Mr. Dochow collaborated with the renowned Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of physics in Vienna and the Joanneum Research Center in Graz, Austria, on developing Memon technology. He literally carried out hundreds of thousands of tests until his goal of creating a potent EMF-protective mechanism was finally realized. This was achieved through imprinting numerous hazardous wave patterns of EMFs and, also, of carcinogenic toxic chemical pollutants in our environment into the crystalloid-like structure inside the Memon transformers.

      Its scientific principle is enrooted in the well-known phenomenon of physics and nature – resonance. Based on the match between these wave patterns imprinted in Memon, on one hand, and their similar harmful wave patterns of EMFs and toxic chemicals in people’s environment, on the other, Memon subjects these harmful waves to energetic neutralization. This specifically is related to destructive resonance or destructive interference of vibrations, as established by physics, whereby two similar waves mutually cancel or destroy one another. One may observe this by throwing two rocks, similar in size, into water next to each other and watching their respective wave-circles cancelling one another and water quickly becoming still, again. The harmful waves in our daily environment come from the wiring in houses and apartments and their numerous appliances and also from vehicles, cell phones and other electronic devices, such as computers and televisions.

      Memon also subjects the harmful fields carried by chlorinated swimming pools, foods, air, and tap water in our houses or apartments to the same principle of cancellation of toxic information. Be aware that our drinking water, in houses and apartments, is electrocuted by metal pipes that subjects water minerals and toxic metals, which are often present in, to electromagnetic fields. Analysis of such electrocuted water has demonstrated the formation of abnormal crystals which, in all likelihood, are very unhealthy, see the photo on the left, below.

Memon Tap Water

Memonizers create a destructive interference wave
Memonizers create a destructive interference wave

Michael Steinhofel
Michael Steinhofel, MD,
Independent science consultant
and researcher, Germany

      “The Memon® technology is clearly positively efficient on each level of biological systems (including cells, tissue, organs, organ systems, organism and supra organism). The protective effect of the memon® technology is long lasting.”

      Another important energetic property well-known to physics that Memon particularly focused on addressing is one of information. This was an ingenious aspect of engineer Dochow’s work as this most essential level for the health of our body cells has been ignored by the rest of the EMF-protective devices industry, since this is not an easy property to address. This was another reason why it took many years to complete the Memon project. The bottom line is that while Memon may not register a decrease in crude EMF measurements through conventional gauss, volt, or EM meters, however, on the information level of the human body, Memon yields very favorable changes, as established by Mr. Dochow in his experiments in the aforementioned research centers. Perhaps this is the main reason why other EMF-protective devices, even when producing some reduction in crude EMF readings, are either simply too weak to yield sufficiently effective health effects, or, even worse, these devices often register as being harmful against our internal organs Either effect was registered through bio-resonance testing of people’s brains, immune, reproductive or other organs. The reason for this detrimental to our health EMF conversion by these devices, had to be, that by trying to block EMFs, the devices have inadvertently turned these fields into even more harmful ones.

      Unfortunately, even dedicated scientists in EMF research overly rely on the benefits of electromagnetic devices, only because these may indicate some reduction in crude EMF measurements, in a given space. It does not occur to them to consider that such visibly positive reduction at this and rather superficial EMF level might have occurred at the expense of an increase in detrimental electromagnetic, magnetic, or even other fields, which act at information level in relation to our bodies.

      The same patterns of either too weak or harmful effects on the part of these devices are confirmed through the dowsing test of the area such as bedrooms, living rooms, office and other.

      Memon technology has been awarded a scientific patent for its unique design by the German trademark and patent office under ipict® or Information Polarization Interference Chip Technology, in 2004.

Current Management of Memon Company and Worldwide Use of Its Products

Mr. Hans Felder and Mrs. Erika Felder, Principal Managers of Memon Company
Mr. Hans Felder and Mrs. Erika Felder,
Principal Managers of
Memon Company

      The great health benefits of Memon technology which have set it aside from its competitors attracted Mr. Hans Felder – a progressive developer of ecologically healthy or green housing in Germany – who introduced Memon technology in order to boost the health environment in green housing. He and his wife, Mrs. Erika Felder, subsequently took over the distribution of Memon EMF-protective devices worldwide.

      Today, thousands of apartments, houses, hotels, swimming pools, health spas, shops, schools, business and doctors’ offices in Western Europe are equipped with Memon technology for the protection of their space or water protection from the hazards of EMFs and toxic chemicals.

      Likewise, tens of thousands of grateful Memon consumers, worldwide, use its technology to protect themselves from all sources of EMFs hazards.

      So, these are the very reasons why my entire family and myself, use Memon for our cars, house and its water supply, computers, my office, cellular, cordless and landline phones, and food. Many of my patients and other Memon owners saw a big difference in the way they benefited from Memon too. There is not much of a choice left because, in the end, EMFs are here to stay and harm us while no government agency will not do anything substantial to stop this. It is simply too late and economically and socially unfeasible to harness the EMF-electronic industry because the corporate profits and degree of public demand and ignorance concerning this field are all simply too high.

      Just to give you only two examples which speak louder than words, where our political leaders heart really is on the issue, with so much money at stake. In 1995, Florida businessman, David Reynard, filed a law suit against the cellular phone industry following his wife’s death from a brain tumor that she developed very close to the site of her physical contact with a cell phone. She was only 33 years old.

      There was also sufficient scientific evidence implicating the link between cell phone use and brain tumors. Following the media exposure of this case, including the “Larry King Live” show, cell phone companies stocks value crashed, which prompted the industry’s urgent crisis intervention campaign. One of its chief representatives, Thomas Wheeler, then President of the Washington, D.C.-based wireless trade group, known today a CITA – Wireless Association, made a rather stunningly reassuring statement at a press conference. There, he stated that no less than 10,000 scientific research studies have proven the safety of microwave radiation emitted by cell phones.

      But even while media in its usual haste to reassure the public with such an impressive research has widely spread this reassurance, the real facts were that the exact number of such studies was zero… It was simply because they did not even exist!

      The ‘minor’ mistake here was that Mr. Wheeler happened to quote studies which concerned… microwave kitchen ovens, either due to outright lying out of desperation, or being simply completely incompetent to know the difference between microwave cell phone technology and microwave kitchen ovens.

      Yet, in spite of someone like Mr. Wheeler not instilling in us the greatest trust, whether with his integrity or competence, he was nevertheless, nominated, years later in 2013, by the President of the United States for such a responsible position as the head of the FDA which entails handling health issues of 330 million Americans. The main reasons for this nomination seemed to be the industry connections and political campaign contributions to ‘the right people’ in Washington.

      As long ago as in 1990, the EPA’s office of Health & Environmental Assessment had already drafted a recommendation that based on voluminous and credible scientific data the American public had to be warned about EMFs as being ‘probable human carcinogen’. However, after some invisible forces poked at this draft, through legitimate governmental committees and subcommittees, the term ‘probable human carcinogen’ was nowhere to be found, and new and reassuring words (all without a shred of scientific evidence) such as ‘inappropriate EMF-cancer link’ appeared. The main ‘argument’ for this replacement or deceit was that ‘we cannot acknowledge EMF-cancer link because we don’t completely understand how EMFs cause cancer’, which represents a complete absurdity from the point of view of the rules of science.

      However, science lacks detailed understanding of many phenomena in nature, including even better understood law of gravity, but does this mean, per se, that there is anything wrong with warning people not to jump down from a fifth story building window? Or don’t we have plenty of warning signs around high power lines or electric transformers – keep away – even though the exact mechanism of electricity has not been fully understood, yet. So, if 50 years from now, science still cannot fully explain the EMF-cancer link, but its existence has been well-documented, we would rather see our children and adults dying from cancer, instead of warning them about the danger?! Furthermore, even the ‘servants of the people’ or the US Senate itself got involved to tell the EPA to stay away from the EMF-cancer link, and, ‘as it just so happens’, it has cut the EPA’s budget for that year.

      So, the bottom line, we can buy and use anything we wish – phones, PCs, laptops, iPads, TVs, any electronic gadgets – but no one in a store, online, or at work will warn us about brain and other tumors, and crippling diseases that these electronics may easily cause us to have. We may say, “How come there are so much scientific confirmations to these, even in the thousands of scientific studies?” But, the harsh reality is, that there is not a single law that exists in the books that can force anyone to do anything, even if with tens of thousands of positive studies. All we know is that there is the best well-known recipe in science, in business, or politics, that when being confronted with hardcore scientific evidence or inconvenient truth, the best and politically correct way to handle this is not by saying, “Oh, we really don’t care for the sake of profits or liability,” but instead, by saying simply, “Ah, we are very concerned but we just need more scientific studies to confirm this, before we can responsibly act.” They know well that once the latter phrase was uttered, one looks very responsible and professional, yet, not having to move a finger, while waiting for more studies. And since there is no law that defines how many studies is enough, this circus with needing and waiting for more studies, with the complete blessings of our healthcare governmental agencies, will keep going on forever.

      So, the stark bottom line remains the same – we are on our own – or as a good Russian saying reflects upon common situations like this, “The task of rescuing drowning citizens lays in the hands of the drowning citizens themselves!”

      So, it is obvious that this is one of those cold-blooded facts which we have no choice but to face and do our best to survive amidst this electromagnetic onslaught.

      For unsolicited testimonials concerning the health benefits of Memon technology, refer to this page: