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Description Price (U.S. Dollars)

memonizerMOBILE- Smart Phone (Available for colors: black or white, cellphone, iPod, MP3 device, smart phone, cordless phone, landline, baby monitor & even a smart watch) 99
memonizerBLUETOOTH                      (Headset, Bluetooth) 99
memonizerCAR A – for regular car, midsize SUV 299
memonizerCAR B – for hybrid car, small CRV, large SUV 446
memonizerCAR C – for a bus, large CRV 655
Residence and Office
memonizerCOMBI Single * up to 1050 sq. feet 860
memonizerCOMBI Standard * up to 2100 sq. feet 1475
memonizerCOMBI Standard A * up to 3750 sq. feet 2299
memonizerCOMBI Standard B * up to 5500 sq. feet 3299

*** The above units are available in the two versions, the original and plug-in. See the versions below. ***
For drinking and other usage of water
memonizerWATER Single up to 1050 sq. feet 735
memonizerWATER Standard up to 2100 sq. feet 1001
memonizerWATER Standard A up to 3750 sq. feet 1615
memonizerWATER Standard B up to 5500 sq. feet 2281

Note: The actual usage of these transformers does not have to correlate with the size of the house, but rather with
 actual water consumption. The latter correlates much better with the number of dwellers, e.g., a smaller
family that occupies a large house will need a correspondingly smaller and cheaper Memon transformer.

Swimming pool
memonizerPOOL Single (or for Jacuzzi) up to 13 cubic yard 877
memonizerPOOL Standard up to 52 cubic yard 1152
Portable units
memonizerWLAN for wireless (WiFi) routers and modern modem routers 199
memonizerWORKSTATION for computers, large TVs, heavy electronics, work, at home office, home

Note: memonizerCOMBI Single – plug – in version has tested as more effective, easier to install and it is also much smaller in size. It is, also, easier to transport to and use in other locations such as hotels, other offices and residences etc.

memonizerFOOD 89
memonizerBODY available in small, medium and large wrist size 125

These are recommended for visiting environments with electromagnetic pollution such as supermarkets, grocery and other stores, shops, beauty salons, banks, offices, etc. However, these are far from being as powerful or capable of offsetting electromagneting pollution as residence and office memonizerCOMBIs can, or memonizerCAR A that is used for car or carry on person.
Now available in white, grey, dark grey (with black or gray clasp)
Small: 5.5 inches circumference   Medium: 6.5 inches circumference   Large: 7.9 inches circumference

Solar units
memonizerSUN (one needed per converter) 339
Home heating units, boilers, burners, etc.
memonizerHEATING Single up to 1050 sq. feet 490
memonizerHEATING Standard up to 2100 sq. feet 707
memonizerDOG 114
Book: ‘The Memon Revolution’ 9.99


  1. All of the transformers are removable and transferrable in case of moving, or replacing the target of the items. However, rotating devices on a short-term basis between residence, office, car, etc., is counterproductive.
  2. Based on our experience with bioresonance testing and clinical observations, our instructions concerning the installation of residence units have indicated an even higher effectiveness than the ones provided by the company. All of our customers will receive our instructions.
  3. The installation process is extremely simple and can be completed by a non-electrician within one minute’s time.


Terms of order:

  1. 30 day return policy, excludes cellphone chips.
  2. 15% restocking fee on returned items
  3. Shipping and handling charge, via UPS as specified by the purchaser, is extra.

Memon devices have not been evaluated by the FDA and, therefore, no health-related claims can be attached to these.
* For standard situations and average electric consumption. For unusually large areas or excessive power consumption, stronger custom units can be ordered and priced on demand.



*** Version – 1: Adheres to a circuit breaker box. ***

This is the original version that is installed via its adhesive surface on the exterior of a circuit breaker door, within only a few seconds by a lay person.

Memon installation instructions for residence or office electric network.
1. Identify the main electric circuit breaker box2. Peel off the cover off the Memon transformer and attach the transformer very firmly to the circuit breaker door.
The door must remain in a shut position.
See these photos

3. Before letting go of the transformer make sure it is attached strongly to the circuit breaker box

• Place carton box filled with newspapers or other soft material on a floor under Memon,
in case if the transformer may ever become loose and fall.


*** Version – 2: Plug in an outlet in any room or area in an apartment, house or office. ***

It is based on the same protective mechanism and power as the original version.