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The memonizerMOBILE and the memonizerBLUETOOTH neutralize energetic radiation. The biological control systems remain in equilibrium.

Use your mobile relaxed and carefree
memonizerMOBILE application
memonizerMOBILE application
Open the back of your mobile phone and place the memonizerMOBILE onto the battery.
Now you can make your calls, relaxed and carefree. Your head stays clear and focused. This means that unpleasant side-effects, such as feeling stressed and headaches are a thing of the past. The memonizerMOBILE neutralises energetic radiation loads – so that the biological regulatory systems remain balanced.
What you get is:

  • Prevention of headaches and feeling stressed
  • Preservation of concentration and memory
  • More vitality and feeling of well-being
  • Protection against negative-energy radiation
  • Relaxed use of your mobile phone

Easily fitted
memonizerMOBILE application
memonizerMOBILE application
The memonizerMOBILE iPhone is easy to install. It is simply placed on the back of your iPhones and fixed using the transparent adhesive strip (for iPhone 1-3 – straight onto the Apple logo, with iPhone 4 – anywhere).

“Mobiles may only emit low levels of radiation, but there is sufficient evidence for the effect of even low levels of radiation so that it is necessary that we act immediately. They disturb cellular processes, i.e. the signal communication between cells. If this occurs over a long period of time, it can definitely lead to long-term effects, such as cancer… Why expose the population to such a risk, if it is possible to do something about it now?”
– Prof. Jacqueline McGlade, Director of the European Environment Agency, (EEA), the most senior specialist authority of the EU






Experience freedom from stress and a new kind of vitality. Arrive relaxed, ready to concentrate and meet your goals even after long car rides. Electrosmog pollutants are neutralized and the air quality will be significantly improved. With the memonizerCAR driving can become a real pleasure.
This is what you get:

  • Relaxed and stress-free driving
  • Better concentration
  • More safety with less fatigue
  • Improved interior air quality


“Human exposure to radiation is on a steady rise, even in cars. For me, it’s a matter of safety. With memon® on board, I can concentrate better and feel less negative environmental impact. I see the memonizer as an essential car accessory. Just like we all have ABS and ESP, soon no one will want to make do without it.”
– Hans-Joachim Stuck, Race driving expert and representative of Volkswagen Motorsport division

Stuck3-Team uses memonizerCAR in 24-Hour Race
Hans-Joachim Stuck is a racing legend. At the age of 60 years, he finally retired from active racing at the same track where he got his start at the age of 19, in the “green hell” of the legendary Nürburgring
Nordschleife. Just in time for his retirement as an active racer, “Strietzel” Stuck became aware of memon® technology.

In his last and probably most emotional race, he benefited from memonizerCAR. This protected Hans-Joachim Stuck, not only from electromagnetic fields, but also helped him keep a cool head and a high concentration level during the race.

“I feel great and on top of my game. I had tried memonizerCAR in my private car and I always felt very relaxed. But now, having tested it under extreme racing conditions, I am absolutely thrilled.”

memonizerCAR models
Suitable for all applications such as cars and trucks, RVs, buses, etc.

memonizerCAR is straightforward and easy to install on the vehicle battery without any structural modifications needed.

memonizerCAR Specifications
Size A       Car
Size B       Caravan, hybrid vehicles, etc.
Size C       Trucks, buses, electric cars, yachts, etc.

Just about every motor vehicle can be outfitted with a matching memonizerCAR.

Residence and Office




The memonizerCOMBI neutralizes harmful environmental pollution by electrosmog and geopathic disturbance zones, purifies the air, and renaturalizes your environment.

For Drinking and Other Usage of Water




With the memonizerWATER, water regains its natural structure and thus promotes vitality, energy, and health.

Swimming Pool




With the memonizerPOOL, you will experience the joy of bathing in a completely new dimension. Without stinging eyes and free of allergic skin irritations, immerse yourself in silky-soft memon® natural water.

Portable Units




The memonizerWORKSTATION neutralizes electrosmog, purifies the air, reduces the level of particulate matter, and instantly creates a stress-free working environment.





The memonizerFOOD neutralizes hazardous information within just 30 seconds, according to bioresonance testing.
Very few people realize that even foods which are the most wholesome, organic and high in nutrients, according to their biochemical content, are usually energetically dead or very depleted. Therefore, they are not nearly as nourishing as their ingredients make us believe. The main reason for this is their subjection to multiple sources of EMFs in the course of transportation, refrigeration, food processing, storage in warehouses and stores under fluorescent lighting which usually emits mercury. In light of this electromagnetic sterilization of food’s natural energy content even if produce that we purchase comes from health food stores, organic food chains such as Whole Foods and other, they are practically as energetically cachectic as the one that comes from supermarkets. Also, once the food is subjected to high temperatures of cooking through fire and, especially through electric burners which electrocute it further, it loses whatever trace of energetic vitality that it might have still retained. The same holds true for eating out, whether at good restaurants or fast food chains. Likewise, identical electric deadening takes place with spring water or the most healthy beverage such as vegetable or fruit juices. If you know how to dowse for vibrational intensity or use bioresonance testing in order to determine the energetic value of your food or beverage before and after placing these over the memonizerFOOD card, you will see for yourself the full value of my statement. That is why I use the memonizerFOOD card at home and carry another one in my wallet in case of eating out. This includes vacations, business trips and particularly, the deadest foods and beverages of all, on airplanes.


However, the issue of energetic deadness does not end with foods and beverages and holds true for anything that people consume, including nutritional supplements, herbs, probiotics, etc. Testing both the cheapest and most expensive or “best” brands has shown the same energetic robbery, depletion and deadness. This, too, inevitably occurs during manufacturing, transportation and shelf storage in warehouses and stores. Certainly a few manufacturers wish to bring this up and this might be one of the main reasons that, exactly as FCT has predicted since 1999 based on bioresonance testing, many and practically 100% of all the clinical trials with nutritional supplements have demonstrated that their consumers have ended up developing a much higher percentage of the very dreadful chronic diseases which these supplements purported to prevent. These diseases were cancer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and others. As experience has shown, treating nutritional supplements, foods, beverages and even homeopathic remedies with the memonizerFOOD card has significantly revitalized their vibrational and, therefore, potential health benefit value. All it took was 30 seconds or less.

This additional information is provided by the Memon company concerning memonizerFOOD card, including most frequently asked questions.



  • Better metabolism of the memonizerFOOD-treated food
  • To give food a higher bioavailability of nutrients (allowing them to be more easily used and absorbed by the body)
  • Better food digestion
  • Improved taste of food and beverages
  • Energetic revitalizing of nutritional supplements (Dr. Yurkovsky’s comment)



Summary of the questions and answers regarding memonizerFOOD:

How far does the field of radiation extend?
How much food can be harmonized with memonizerFOOD? How wide / far is memonizerFOOD‘s “effective radius” / height?
Vertically: as high as a bottle (the memon®-caraffe), and horizontally: the size of a plate.

How long does the harmonization process take?
30 seconds, according to Dr. Yurkovsky’s findings.

Is the information spectrum different from the other memonizers?
Yes! memonizerFOOD is a completely different range of information that includes metabolism as a priority, for example.

Does memonizerFOOD replace memonizerWATER?
No! In general, it should be noted that, in contrast to memonizerFOOD, all other memonizers are created for a flowing system.

Does it make a difference whether you memonize with memonizerFOOD or with memonizerWATER?

Does memonizerFOOD contain electro-information?

Is it only the symbol that is informed?
No! The entire surface.

Is a special storage required?
No! Can safely be stored anywhere (except for strong electromagnetic fields are given).

Does a repeated harmonization of the same food / beverage have any effect on the operation of the memonizerFOOD?

Must food be unpacked?
Yes – for aluminum packaging, otherwise no!

Are “interactions” to be expected if the food “harmonized energized” before with any other technology (e.g., Reiki…) and will be additionally placed on the food?
Probably not, but it cannot be completely ruled out, because memon® does not work on a spiritual level. memon® clears the pathogenic (disease causing) information.

Does only one side of the food-card (the one with the icon) harmonize food / beverage?
No with both sides. (Why you should use the back side?)
We recommend to use the side with the icon.

After what time may the information “expire” where I must use the memonizerFOOD again for the same product?
If the information is once erased you do not need to use the memonizerFOOD another time for the same food.


Available in small, medium and large wrist size. These are recommended for visiting environments with electromagnetic pollution such as supermarkets, grocery and other stores, shops, beauty salons, banks, offices, etc.

For Solar Units




Profiting from the sun’s natural energy requires the latest technology. The memonizerSOLAR can be used without any side effects.


Home Heating Units, Boilers, Burners, etc.




The memonizerHEATING unburdens your heating system, reduces operating costs, avoids expensive repair costs, and stabilizes the air quality of rooms with radiators or floor heating systems.

memonizers are user-friendly
They are easy to install and can be integrated without interfering with existing power cables or water pipes.