Toilet seats and computer keyboards

A quiz that we are bound to fail!

Which of these contain more germs – a toilet seat or a computer keyboard?

My own answer, considering the overall… “environment,” tactfully speaking, would be a toilet seat. However, the scientific findings published in the October 19, 2012 issue of USA Today proved my common sense wrong – an average computer keyboard carries as many as 200 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! Even though no explanation for such a surprising finding was offered, if one is familiar with the hundreds of scientific studies reporting multiple destructive effects of electromagnetic radiation on our health, one can offer a reasonably good explanation. I am referring here to one of many yet little-publicized direct stimulating effects of electromagnetic radiation on the growth of microbes or infectious agents. This stimulation can be caused by any source of EMFs throughout our residences and workplaces and can be generated in cars or emitted by devices such as computers, TVs, iPhones, iPads and other. If we are to also consider that EMFs have also been found to directly suppress our immune system, then perhaps computer keyboards, including touch-activated devices, too, might be more of a source of infectious diseases in us than we think. Besides harboring billions of germs, can computer screens project or beam the energetic imprints of these infectious agents right onto our face, eyes, sinuses, brains? To be kept in mind that the same EMFs, besides suppressing our immune system, can also promote the growth of infectious agents residing in us, thus adding to disabling our immune control. The end result – epidemics of chronic and acute infectious diseases – is exactly what is sweeping entire nations in all seven continents these days.

Among these, one can find practically any chronic disease such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, cancer, leukemia, heart disease, arthritis, colitis, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases, infertility, endometriosis and others all of which have been already linked to chronic infections. Infections, even leading to death, such as clostridia difficille, antibiotic-resistant Staph (MERSA), E. coli, salmonella, to mention just a few, have all been on the rise, too. I am certain that the high mortality of even the flu – tens of thousands of deaths annually in the U.S. alone – is not without the “help” of electromagnetic radiation. Do EMFs lead only to multiplying of these infections or to their concurrent mutations, too, with the latter taking place besides the known side effects of antibiotics? Is this why, among other sexually transmitted microbes among other infections, gonorrhea has returned as a very aggressive epidemic with only one antibiotic left, in conventional medicine, to only suppress it for the time being?

Another and the most dramatic and tragic examples to this is the virtually incurable epidemic of Lyme disease and co-infections – Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, when proper EMF avoidance and EMF-protective devices are not implemented. As both conventional and alternative doctors continue, mostly in vain, bombarding these infections with antibiotics and all sorts of anti-bacterial drug and “natural” cocktails – herbs, oxygen, electric zappers, etc. – the overall failure rate of these treatments is rather of staggering proportions and speaks for itself.

As one of countless examples from my FCT® practice of treating Lyme disease and scores of other chronic and recurrent infections through properly addressing EMF radiation, this case serves as a vivid practical illustration and lesson to this point to both doctors and the public.

A young man and his family have spent $100,000 out-of-pocket treating Lyme disease for a whole year by a “top” alternative “Lyme specialist.” Nothing was spared in the management – laboratory and bioresonance testing, antibiotics intravenously and oral anti-Lyme herbs, chelations to treat mercury, blood ozone mixtures, natural immune stimulants and other supplements. The end result was not only a complete failure of his Lyme disease to respond to the $100,000 treatment but also acquired very serious side-effects – pancreatitis and seizures. The doctor did not know how to resolve these. Following this I saw the young man in my office where I told him straight that until and unless his EMF exposure issue is seriously addressed, his Lyme disease will remain and all of these sophisticated treatments would be as good as applying Band-Aids over the immuno-suppressed body. Obviously this was not anything that he wanted to hear, even as his father, a medical doctor, concurred with me because the patient would also have to abandon his daily obsessions with the internet, seeking a cure for Lyme. Little heed that he took to my words that this obsession requiring continuous EMF irradiation would harm him only further while he, as even most of medical professionals, did not have enough knowledge to sort out prevailing medical fairy tales on the internet from rare speckles of truth. He refused and left. Yet, years later, he has resurfaced with a “sinner’s confession.” Following his disbelief in my pronouncement concerning EMFs and its connection with Lyme and all infections, he opted then for the top conventional Lyme and disease specialist. After more antibiotics had led to the same – zero response – he kept wandering through medical wilderness of the internet for more years, as many people do to find a cure in vain. Finally he took heed to my words about EMFs, having realized that he did run out of options. The end result, to his surprise, was quite stunning. Even before starting FCT treatment, by addressing EMFs alone, all of his Lyme-related mental, emotional and physical disabilities have improved by up to as much as 50%! This is exactly 50% more than any and all of the combined conventional and alternative Lyme treatments were able to produce.

So, it is obvious that old and simple sound rule that “an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure” still does stand firm. In the case of EMFs, so far, I have not found a better ounce of prevention than Memon, while minimizing the EMF exposure as much as possible. And that is why I have been using Memon in my house, office, car, computer and cell phone. This holds true for all of my family members and countless patients of mine have come to greatly benefit from the same, too. (See Why Memon? Testimonials)

In conclusion, there seems to be a little more to the toilet seats and computer keyboards germ comparison than the eye can see just on the surface of things alone.