Tragic examples of ignoring EMF Star-Bullet

Case #1: A semi-tragic example

A woman in her sixties sought help for her chronic fatigue from a number of alternative medical practitioners. Several of them tested her even with bio- resonance testing –applied kinesiology– and based on their finding have prescribed nutritional supplements to boost her energy and, allegedly, immune system, too. She began feeling well on these supplements as her energy level improved considerably. However, within some two years on this seemingly successful regimen she has developed breast cancer and sometime after this a second deemed as malignant chest mass of her thymus gland. Both her blood cancer marker and chest mass continued to increase while on these supplements even as these were being adjusted for ‘the better’, by those practitioners in order to boost her immune system further. When I tested her for the first time in my office through bio-resonance testing, based on FCT system, several important issues became identified concerning her malignancies.

  1. Both organs, the breast and thymus contained toxicological agents – carcinogens.
  2. Most of the organs of her immune system contained the same toxicological agents which are also immune-suppressants.
  3. Both the breast and thymus tested as energetically dysregulated due to electromagnetic fields which is synonymous with cellular dysfunction.
  4. Most of the organs of her immune system tested also as dysregulated due to electromagnetic fields.
  5. Her nutritional supplements tested adversely against her many organs.

Her treatment plan consisted of the following:

  1. To administer homeopathic remedies aimed at detoxification and excretion of carcinogens.
  2. To carry out the treatment and her routine life style in the environment with maximal reduction in EMF loads. For this she was advised to apply Memon technology to her residence, car, cellphone, TV/computer, and carry it on her person while attending stores and other facilities with high EMFs. As appropriate, she was also recommended to administer homeopathic remedies which are meant to help to reduce excess of EMFs in the body.
  3. To discontinue immediately all of the nutritional supplements.
  4. To continue close follow up with her oncologist to monitor both malignancies.

She has completely complied with all of these recommendations and her subsequent clinical course has demonstrated the following:

  1. Her energy level went up to a new high
  2. Her blood cancer marker has fallen by more than threefold and is in the low normal range.
  3. Her chest mass has been continually reducing in size as confirmed by the periodic MRI tests.
  4. The rest of her chronic physical complaints and limitations which had not responded to alternative medical treatments, have completely resolved.

Concerning this case one is to keep in mind that besides the toxicological carcinogens being detected in her cancerous tissues, the detected, also, EMFs have been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), in the year 2001, as a possible human carcinogen.

Case #2: A tragic example

A woman in her late 40s and in general good health complained of difficulty sleeping at night. My evaluation with bio-resonance testing indicated excessive electromagnetic fields affecting her pineal gland, which regulates sleep, and, also, brain and upper body. The testing indicated her bedroom as the source and she was advised to undertake EMF reducing measures including acquisition of proper electromagnetic protective device. However, her being a Ph. D., in nutrition she, instead, relied on the rather narrow and simplistic health recipes of this field and proceeded, instead, with ingesting melatonin, some minerals and neurotransmitter related nutrients to just improve her sleep. Unfortunately, these worked, at least partially and she felt as being on the right track. However, her periodic bio-resonance tests were still indicating the same problem, yet that she continued to ignore it as she felt encouraged by the mere symptom suppression of the problem through those nutrients. Some, two years into this, I heard from her relatives some ‘funny news’, as they presented this. An electrician who came to her house to fix a dimmer switch in the dining room was led from there to her bedroom where he found excessive EMFs right in the outlet behind the patient’s bed. This he has fixed. However, it was already too late as several months after this I heard that the patient started spitting blood and was diagnosed with lung cancer and widespread metastases. Soon after, she died. She never smoked and was always on a perfect organic diet and exercise regimen.

Scientific literature has confirmed carcinogenic effects of EMF’s on lung tissue, too.

Case #3: A tragic example

A woman in her forties was tested via bio-resonance testing by one of my capable FCT colleagues.

The reason for the testing was the woman’s only complaint concerned her skin, a dermatitis or eczema type of condition.

As it is the case with practically 100% of all skin conditions, bio-resonance testing confirmed multiple malfunctioning, intoxicated and infected internal organs underneath.

It has specifically revealed that mercury, pesticides, antibiotics and electromagnetic fields were affecting numerous internal organs. Furthermore, several organs – kidney, lung and liver – registered cancerous frequencies.

Further energetic testing registered high electromagnetic fields throughout the house and particularly in the woman’s bedroom which is the usual these days. She was recommended to share these findings with her medical doctor and carry out homeopathic treatment along with carrying out electromagnetic reduction measures and purchasing Memon technology. However, she refused and just continued treating her eczema only with steroid and antibiotic creams, as had been prescribed by her medical doctor. Months later this FCT practitioner was contacted and told that after the woman started to experience body pains, she was subjected to imaging testing through MRI and to other tests. These confirmed the findings of bio-resonance testing with cancer being present in exactly the same organs – kidney, lung and liver – and, in addition, bone metastases.

These deemed as already too late to operate on or respond to chemotherapy. Her medical prognosis at this time, as determined by her oncologists, is several months left to live while on high doses of pain medications due to her intense suffering from pains.

Case #4: A tragic example

Every once in a while I used to join a neighbor of mine, a world renowned children’s book writer, for a walk around the neighborhood. He was not a complainer but did share a few of his medical problems, while downplaying these with his dry sense of humor, in response to my questions concerning his unhealthy appearance. Being a very wealthy, yet virtually illiterate man in medicine as most people are, he deluded himself into believing that he was receiving the best of care through his many medications dispensed by his reputable medical specialists. In addition, as “insurance”, he was also taking vitamins.

As a courtesy, I offered him a complementary bio-resonance testing, to which he agreed, yet without taking seriously its findings, or my recommendations afterward. The findings were that all of his numerous medical problems could be accounted for by chronic poisoning from toxic chemicals and electromagnetic radiation, which I detected in his body. These usually all act in unison, like some demonic rock band.

Besides recommending my homeopathic treatment to begin the de-poisoning, I also suggested several measures to reduce electromagnetic stress. Being aware that he might misconstrue my recommendation concerning Memon, I refrained from offering to purchase one.

Among the recommendations proposed was to address morbid electromagnetic field that I detected in his sleep or his bed site. I explained to him that the whole physiological purpose of sleep is not to just getting through the night with closed eyes, but to optimally recharge every organ of the body, including the immune system, brain, and other organs. The pineal gland, which is primarily in charge of our sleep and bio-rhythms, also secretes an important sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin, deficiency of which has been linked to cancer, and it is not surprising that the pineal gland is often disturbed by EMF. It should be noted that melatonin pills do not amount to the same natural, physiological value of our innate melatonin.

However, his response to my recommendations was the proverbial – “it’s better to not teach an old dog new tricks” – and he did nothing about these. Several months later, to my utter regret, I heard on the news that this famous writer, my neighbor, was delivered by an ambulance to a local hospital where he died on arrival.

As his housekeeper told me afterwards, it just so happened, that he died from a massive stroke which he happened to sustain in his sleep, in that bed, in that site.

A short summary of these cases

Even decades ago, before the onslaught of electromagnetic pollution has reached the unprecedented levels of our modern times, there were terms coined in Germany and Austria, based on bio-resonance assessments and confirmed by clinical experience such as “cancer houses” and “cancer beds”.

Today, practically all houses and beds have become cancerous with the only difference that, according to our individual genetics, many of these people will indeed develop cancer or leukemia because of the strong carcinogenic effects of electromagnetic fields as supported by scientific literature, while others, due to their own individual weak genetics, will instead develop other dreadful diseases. These are Alzheimer’s or heart disease, Parkinson’s or depression, multiple sclerosis or impotence and infertility, chronic fatigue or autoimmune diseases, diabetes or stroke, or any medical disease.

It is of interest that while both the medical profession and the EMF producing industry have virtually turned a blind eye to EMF as a major health hazard, another major global industry – the insurance industry – has included EMF in its early radar warning system as an emerging causality risk. It states: “We define emerging risks as newly developing or changing risks that are difficult to quantify and could have a major impact on society and insurance industry.” Quoting only one of these companies, from Switzerland, they classified EMF as potentially having a high impact on the industry due to ‘unforeseen consequences of electromagnetic fields.’

Further, they emphasize: “The ubiquity of electromagnetic fields (EMF) raises concerns about potential implications for human health, in particular with regard to the use of mobile phones, power lines, or antennas for broadcasting. Over the last decade, the spread of wireless devices has accelerated enormously. The convergence of mobile phones with computer technology has increased exposure to electromagnetic fields, the health impacts of which remain unknown.”

They conclude with the concern that the WHO (World Health Organization) has already classified EMF as Class 2B carcinogens to humans, and for the industry to be prepared for major liability claims and large losses.

Unfortunately, these aforementioned sad cases on this page are far from a few, but are, logistically, encountered in the hundreds of millions around the globe today.