Why Memon? In people’s own words

Dr. Yurkovsky’s comment:

“EMFs block not only homeopathic treatment, it blocks all treatments of chronic diseases and this is one of the main reasons as to why there is no end to any treatment with drugs or alternatives. And one of the great advantages of addressing EMFs with the help of Memon is that as many patients have become fully convinced that following the acquisition of Memon transformers for their residence, electricity and water supplies, cars, cell phones and other, they have actually saved themselves money in the long run. This was because they were able to respond far faster to the treatments and, as the consequence, saved themselves resources by needing fewer visits, fewer medicines and, more importantly, have gained quality of health and life back. One cannot successfully treat fish taken out of water without placing it back to water first. Likewise, one cannot successfully treat people without reconnecting them with their natural environment first, or disconnecting them in a great degree from electromagnetic fields which are unnatural and destructive to their physiology.”

Memon, Empirically Effective.
Click here to download a scientific study on the effectiveness of Memon® technology on hormones in men and women, by Prof. Dr. R. Schmidt-Borelli.  (.doc format)

Hans Joachim Stuck
Hans Joachim Stuck

Legendary professional German car racer Hans Joachim Stuck about Memon’s benefit:
“I feel great and on top of my game. I had tried memonizerCAR in my private car and I always felt very relaxed. But now, having tested it under extreme racing conditions, I am absolutely thrilled!”



Nausea, weakness, shakiness, tingling and headaches were the normal symptoms encountered when EMFs were involved!
Emotional fear, trepidation, feelings of anxiety, and depression were the normal personality traits when EMFs were involved!
The years of EMF sensitivity from fluorescent lights, microwaves, electronics, TVs, computer screens, wireless telephones and cell phones is gone!!! The sensitivity is gone!!! Completely!

Going to sporting events with stadium lights is not an issue now, wearing the MEMON bracelet has made that possible!!

Driving short distances was practically impossible due to the EMFs emitted from car engines and dashboard circuitry…. The day the car MEMON was put on my car battery was the day driving became a pleasure again and the open road was no longer agony, with frequent stops and extreme fatigue, but became my route to freedom and independence.

My home is a true smart home with all the available technology touted by society as being necessary…flat screen TVs in every room, including kitchens and bathrooms, 900mhtrz wireless phones hooked up to a commercial intercom system, wireless Lutron lighting, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi boosters, cable and radio frequency cable boosters, computers, laptops, 3 and 4 way dimmers in every room, speakers and surround sound throughout, 800 amps coming in through 2 breaker boxes, and a full house electric generator.  This made one, large, toxic, and electrified environment where sleepless nights and insomnia were the norm, constant fatigue and emotionality plagued us, from such a toxic man-made environment came ill health.
It became a vicious cycle, staying home due to illness and fatigue and the fatigue exacerbated by the toxic EMF, radiation and magnetic fields within the environment was the evil roller coaster we were riding!
The same day the whole house MEMON was installed in my home was the day me and my family had instantaneous positive results, euphoria and laughter, insomnia was gone, strength replaced weakness, hope replaced fear!  The transformation was so unbelievable we called it a miracle!  It truly is a miracle, it’s the holy grail of restoration in a world of debilitation and toxicity!

I tell everyone I meet about the MEMON!  My doctor and his family use MEMON.
My friends use MEMON!  This is not a solicitation, this is a real and true testimony. I’m a real person who simply wants to share the transforming power of MEMON with you! Please feel free to contact me for more info at eastgatemanor@aol.com.

Warm regards,
L. JohnsonJohnson, L.
Easton, Connecticut, USA

“Dr. Yurkovsky’s patients that use the Memon technology can visit him less because the treatment holds for a longer duration. It is easier to treat patients and have the homeopathic remedies work at 100% rather than reduced efficacy stemming from erratic and negative EMF fields that disrupt and thereby discharging the remedies themselves and charge-up the patient. He then has to readdress the same symptoms over and over and all the while knowing that the root of the issue is manmade electricity disturbing the body’s natural electrical processes.”


M. O.
“Within seconds of placing my new MemonizerCAR A in my pocket, I suddenly felt a greater sense of perfusion in the back of my head. It was if a blood vessel that was partially blocked, was freely flowing again!”

B. G.
“Memon is unbelievable technology. Since we’ve installed it and even before taking the treatment I started having deeper sleep, dreaming again and remembering every detail.”
“I buy flowers, all the time for the house but instead of 4 days, they lasted for 3 weeks.”
“The usual column of dust seen against the light in the house is gone”
“This is an incredible product.”
“This whole experience is fabulous, my memory is so much better, I retain information so much better.”
“When I feel stiff and achy in the morning, I use water from Memon water on our main water pipe. I feel relief. It is not my imagination, because I used to do this way before water Memon, with some special water, but I never got nearly so much relief.”
The husband: “When I drive our car without Memon, I feel aggressive, I get easily irritated, and I yell at people.”
“We are buying today many more Memons for us and all of our family.”

I. P.
“I have felt an increase in my energy since the day I have installed Memon in my house. Since I have installed a house Memon, I have been feeling completely healthy. Much more energy, reduced drunk feeling, less overwhelmed, stopped feeling like lying on the couch every day, normal person again: motivated, energetic, healthy.”

W. B.
“I purchased the house Memon in January 2016. I sleep better and I used to feel like a zombie. I have much better mental clarity and energy!”

J. C.
“I had to move into a hotel due to a house repair project.
Within 5 minutes time in the lobby, I became fatigued, feeling brain fog and familiar symptoms of mercury toxicity s-s, all over. Then, I left the house Memon device on a power strip in the hotel room, overnight. The next day, I felt completely well and even while being in the hotel lobby.”

S. S.
“Since I have installed a house Memon and even before starting HMP Rx, I started feeling much more energy, needing less sleep. My mother did the same thing – she goes to bed later and gets up earlier.”

S. C.
“I have noticed being able to walk three miles daily since wearing the car Memon on me because I feel so much better and have much more energy. I had no desire to walk before. My daughter says, ‘Mommy, you are looking so energetic these days.’”

E. H. (The mother of a boy cured from autism)

“Since we have installed Memon in our apartment, Elijah sleeps much better and with less melatonin at night. I, myself, have noticed that my chronic insomnia is gone, where I used to get up 3-4 times at night.”

M. W.
“First time able to go through airplane flight to and from NC in seven years without: palpitations, URI, fatigue, ↑ arthritis pain, migraines, hot and cold chills, dizziness with seeing stars. Also, not being bedridden for several days following the flight.”

D. B.
“I went back in my hybrid car just to drive it in to get trade price and I had removed the car Memon from it before the trip. Guess what? I started tingling all over my body, shaking and feeling very drained.”

N. P.
“My husband and I noticed distinct changes after Garland installed Memon in our car. The most noticeable was approximately a 90% reduction in my intense fear of a car accident. This was a profound change. In fact, there was no need for Gelsemium prior to departing on our drive home or Aconite during the drive home (homeopathic remedies for fear). On the journey to New York (over 10 hr. drive), I took Gelsemium half an hour before leaving. The fear of dying in a car crash was so intense during the drive to New York that Aconite 200C was needed every half hour and every 15 minutes while driving on the expressway in order to remain calm. Car Memon eliminated the need for any homeopathic medicine on the drive home! My husband and I noticed an increased calmness and alertness after the installation of car Memon. He also experienced less fatigue while driving.”

Dr. A.F.
“Since I have been placing car Memon on my computer router at home overnight, I have been sleeping much better.”

L. J.
“Palpitations, panic, headaches suddenly returned even while I knew that the house was Memon-protected. However, 30 minutes later when, just in case, I checked on the Memon position to only discover that Memon was removed that morning from the circuit breaker box by an electrician.”

C. H. (The mother of an autistic boy)
“Since putting the Memon on our home last Friday, Gregory has made some small gains. He seems happier and we have seen some more language.”

B. D. (The father of an autistic boy)

“Since installed house Memon, Derek is being less loud, also less involuntary screaming and much less residual coughing that he was left with after bronchitis from 2 months ago.”

A. S. (a patient with multiple sclerosis)
“Feel better because of Memon in the house. Higher energy. Left leg 50% stronger and its endurance has increased by 50%.”

D. G.
“Since installed house Memon, lower urinary frequency at night.”

H. T. (The mother of an autistic boy)
“You have told us that we might not see much process until house and car Memons are installed. It seems to be true. After we started homeopathic remedies and against your advice before installing Memon we did not see any change in Jonathan. However, after we installed house and car Memons and repeated the same homeopathic treatment on our own, his eye contact and speech started progressing.”

A. S.
“After we installed Memon in our apartment, as you recommended for our son, interestingly enough not only he but his grandmother stopped waking up at night. Before Memon was installed she would wake up after midnight
and stay up for hours without being able to go back to sleep.”

K. S. (The mother of autistic twins)

“We have had the Memon installed in our home since January 29, 2012 and have noticed that the twins have been able to sleep a ton better.”

E.S. (Mother of autistic child)
“Daniel used to wake up every night about 2am and stay up 3-4 hours. As soon as house Memon was installed even if he woke up he would go right back to sleep.
Also, with Memon in the car he stopped flapping his arms in it.”

D.K. (Medical doctor)
“I had a very severe headache while placing house Memon on the circuit breaker box. Somehow I have noticed that my headache has stopped instantly once it was installed. I was surprised and thought it was just a coincidence. I removed Memon from the circuit breaker box and just placed it a few feet away on the floor. The headache has instantly returned. I placed Memon back on the circuit breaker box and the headache just as instantly disappeared. I thought it was weird. Yet, after I had repeated this cycle ten times this correlation reproduced itself exactly to the letter. Following this I have realized what electricity does to us and that I will never be without Memon.”

P. T.
“Before I started using Memon for my car, I, while driving, would feel nauseous, sensing a heaviness in the environment as if in a store with heavy EMFs, losing concentration, having flu or virus-like illness with fatigue, with swelling and discomfort in my glands. All these have gone away after I attached Memon to my car.”

N. P.
“Since using electric heat in the house in September, all of the old symptoms of bone aches have returned. But once I upgraded the house Memon to a larger transformer, bone aches have gone down.”

Z. K.
“When I sleep in my girlfriend’s house that is without house Memon, I feel terrible and suffer high fatigue and low mental clarity.”

“Once I started using small house Memon for my computer at work I have been feeling much less drained.”

N. P.

“Once Memon was installed, both my husband and I experienced very dramatic improvements in our health. My husband no longer has a stiff back in the mornings and has increased energy. If he did not keep busy after returning home from the office each day, he would sleep the entire evening. He no longer needs to sleep the evenings because of dramatically improved energy.

”As to my improvements, the day after installing Memon (and before starting the homeopathic remedies), I awoke with absolutely no back pain or stiffness! This is an amazing improvement for me since prior to Memon, I awakened each morning with severe back pain, aches, and stiffness. The symptoms were so severe that I could barely get out of bed in the mornings, and even showering and dressing myself in the mornings was a struggle due to the pain/stiffness.

I have not been able to work in my flower garden in years without severe lumbar region pain/stiffness just after half an hour of light weeding. Bending over and straightening brought on terrible aching pain and usually my back would ‘lock’. The pain in bed on first waking and whenever I attempted to work in my garden (or when I do housework) felt like the bones in my lumbar region were being torn apart. I could not bend over to clean my floors so I had to literally lay down on the floor and pull myself along to clean them! It reached a point where I could not pick things up off the floor because bending and straightening brought on severe tearing pain.

“However, that all changed the day after installing Memon and even before starting the FCT remedies. I began the FCT remedies the second day after installing Memon. I awakened with absolutely no back pain or stiffness! I was able to get out of bed without any pain. I showered and dressed with ease. All of this was certainly amazing but the miracle came when I was able to work in my flower gardens for the entire day without any back pain for the first time in many years! Prior to Memon, I would be debilitated with aches and stiffness/lumbar for two to three days after just light weeding in my garden for a half hour or less… or after cleaning the floors/windows in my house. After ‘strenuous’ work in my garden (digging, lifting, etc.) the day after Memon was installed, there was only minor back stiffness that quickly subsided with a little rest. This is truly wonderful and I am so excited I just had to share it with you.

“Also on the day after installing Memon, I noticed that I was not getting hungry every one or two hours. Nor did I have any episodes of hypoglycemia! In fact, I worked the entire day in my garden stopping only to eat lunch, dinner and drink water and I felt great! Dr. Yurkovsky, I have been on one diet after another most of my life. I would lose a lot of weight only to regain it because my appetite and sugar/carb cravings were excessive. It was always a major ‘daily’ struggle to overcome the constant hunger and sugar/carb cravings even on a low carb diet. I thought about food all the time because I was usually hungry. The day after installing Memon, I was not obsessed with thoughts of food due to excessive hunger and eating smaller portions filled me! I had no sugar/carb cravings and found it EASY to eliminate those foods from my diet for the first time in my entire life! I was able to engage in strenuous work in my garden after eating much less food and not experience hypoglycemia episodes.
This truly is amazing. After only one week I lost 6 pounds!

“These improvements continued after I began the FCT remedies. I definitely noticed a shift in my health with the remedies. In the past, I had been treated with the following therapies and in this order: Chinese herbal medicine, Acupunture, Chiropractic, Reflexology, Massage, Naturopathic, Heilkunst, CoRe bioresonance using Rife and homeopathy, LIFE Systems bioresonance, Heilkunst and Sequential Homeopathy. In fact, I studied Sequential Homeopathy for 3 years before studying Classical Homeopathy, and practiced Reflexology for seven years before embarking upon Homeopathy studies. I gained some results with Naturopathic, Reflexology, and Sequential Homeopathy/Heilkunst. However, these results never lasted any longer than two weeks. The best results came with Classical Homeopathy for the treatment of allergies years ago, but homeopathy could not touch my back or weight problem.

“With Sequential Homeopathic treatment (and Heilkunst) I suffered intense aggravations often lasting up to two weeks. Some of these aggravations were so debilitating that I was unable to work. That is why I rather expected intense aggravations (washouts) during my FCT treatment. Much to my surprise and absolute delight the washouts were minor and lasted no more than one or two days – exactly as you said!! With the bone marrow remedy I experienced the most washouts (flu like symptoms and exhaustion with needing to sleep a lot) but those were nothing compared to the healing reactions I experienced during Sequential Homeopathic/Heilkunst treatment! I recall one healing reaction during Sequential homeopathy treatment that included a very severe and sudden headache that lasted for EIGHT DAYS! After the healing reactions in Sequential Homeopathy treatment, I never felt my energy level or mentals improve as I did in FCT treatment. After only one or two days of washouts in FCT treatment, I had renewed energy and vitality, which is exactly what we are taught to expect with the direction of cure to follow during our homeopathy studies!”

E.H. (Mother of a boy with autism and ADHD)
“Actually, after we installed house Memon and repeated the homeopathic treatment we saw definite improvement in his speech and he was very much calmer. The teacher was sending report every day that he was much calmer, followed directions and attended to tasks much better. Now he is being transferred to a normal classroom from a special education classroom.”

“After I installed car Memon all arthritic pains of 3 year duration disappeared, instantly. I did not expect it. When used grounding EMF mat my energy went up by 30%. But, once I installed house Memon my energy level increased by 70%.”


“Thank you so much for this wonderful technology.”

“At first, I didn’t buy into Dr. Yurkovsky’s theory of EMF-causing us harm. But then, come to think of it, I had recalled suffering from a severe right hip pain for three months from the day I started wearing my iPhone on the right side of my belt. I thought it was just a fluky coincidence but just in case I moved the iPhone to the left side of my belt. Lo and behold, the pain on the right hip has disappeared, yet the pain in the left hip started just as fast and was still lasting for three months, too, by the time I saw Dr. Yurkovsky in his office. I figured before I get house and car Memons, as he suggested, for my and my family’s health problems, let me put its cheaper product – iPhone Memon transformer – to the test. So, I did install it on my iPhone and forgot all about it until the day Dr. Yurkovsky had asked me about my left hip pain. Come to think of it, I haven’t had it since I installed the iPhone Memon! This is as weird as it gets but this is exactly what happened.”

“Major difference after installing house Memon two months ago. No longer I have to leave the house when I or anyone else uses internet. Before, I would get a headache immediately, become anxious, agitated and upset for no apparent reasons.”

“I picked up a new car from a dealer feeling happy. But all of a sudden I started experiencing a headache that I did not experience in long time. I was quite surprised and started thinking why did this old headache return all of a sudden which I used to experience driving a car before I purchased car Memon. A minute later I realized that I left my car Memon in my old car which I have just traded. I went back to the car dealer, removed the car Memon from my old car battery and installed it in the new car. Following this my headache has instantly disappeared.”

“Since I’ve attached Car-B Memon to the back of my computer monitor I feel much less being tired, worn out or having eye fatigue.”

“Since installing house Memon I have suddenly lost a desire to run out of the house due to being agitated, and be outdoors, instead. I have had this problem for some 15 years going back to my childhood.”

“After installing Memon in my apartment I felt calmer and no longer experiencing body burning or feeling inflammation all over the body. It is a nice feeling of relief since I have had these problems for many years and no conventional or alternative treatments could ever even touch it. I also experienced a detoxifying reaction with some headache which has stopped and with sinuses and ears draining mucus. It does not feel like allergies, but a release of some toxins which affords relief.”

“Since I’ve gotten house Memon I started sleeping through the night and feel much more refreshed in the morning, and have more energy during a day.”

“Since using Car-A Memon wrapped above my left ankle I was astonished to start feeling less pain all over my body and having more energy. I also felt calmer, feeling less stressed and anxious.”

“Since using Memon Food Card my year long nausea while eating stopped completely. It has been for two months by now.”

“I have a previous order with you from March 12th, 2013. Thank you, the Car Memons and Mobile Memons work great! My Chronic Neck Pain and “cracking” has improved Significantly (years of Cycling/Motocross/IT Work). It seems crazy but without my Memon Car with me, the pain and cracking comes back. Also, my office sits about 200 yards from a large cell tower. Not to mention all the computers/wireless routers in the office and around the building. So I am going to install the House and Office Memon with this order. Thank you!”

“I have had very painful periods for 14 years and the only way I could survive these was by taking, literally, 50 pills of anti-pain and anti-inflammatory drugs every month. Then, I came across FCT and Memon on Dr. Yurkovsky’s and the FCT World websites. I decided to step out in faith, in spite of Memon’s price.

“The results were unbelievable, even though no one told me what to expect.

“But since I’ve gotten Memon, three months ago, for my house, computer, and car, my consumption of pain pills for my dreadful periods dropped from 50 tablets, to 12 tablets! The next month they dropped to 8-10, and the month after to 4, the last month!”

“Since I’ve used the car A Memon for my computer screen, the headaches which I normally experienced from using my computer are completely gone. They have been gone for a year since I have installed the Memon.”


“Does the Memon detox the body? I have felt it since it was installed two weeks ago in my house. I am sleeping much better and my energy level is stronger.

“I have to be careful wearing the car Memon for too long though, as it hypes me up! It has made travelling in the car so much easier. Thank you so much for recommending these to me.”

“Following installation of the combi house Memon, I have felt much calmer being in my house. Two of my girlfriends, on different occasions and without knowing of the Memon being installed in my home, both said, ‘Oh! It is so peaceful here.’ They have been coming to see me more often ever since.”

“I got all the Memon devices and hooked them up. It feels really great I feel a lot lighter and happier. It feels really good.”

“Dr. Yurkovsky, let me share an interesting story with you concerning my dad and Memon. After you had advised me to purchase a bigger Memon because I was moving to a bigger house, my dad called me a gullible idiot that you were taking advantage of, just to sell me another Memon. But after my first experience with Memon I did it anyway, and guess what happened? Naturally, after I moved out, I no longer needed the Combi for my smaller house, and I decided to give it to my dad. Even though he said he did not believe in it, but because not using it at all would be a total waste, he attached it to the circuit breaker box in his house, anyway. Lo and behold, to his amazement, he said the moment the Combi touched the circuit breaker box, his chronic and debilitating arthritis pains, which he has had for years, suddenly stopped, and have yet to return.”


“Since Memon has been installed in our house my 80 year old father has had a big change in the morning, feeling refreshed with greater energy, and better mood.

“Typically waking up between 10 and 11am, and even noon, he now wakes up between 8 and 9am, and yesterday at 6am with no problems.

“With my 78 year old mother, it has been the same thing, and she stopped needing her afternoon nap. She also has displayed greater focus, much less confusion, and a clearer mind.

“During my son’s recent ICU hospital stay, where I had quietly installed a MemonizerCOMBI in his room, I asked the nurses and visitors, even young people, if they felt any difference being in the room. I just questioned a possible placebo effect on myself of feeling calmer and more energized. They said it feels calm, or that there is some really good energy in the room.”

“I think the Memon products have been very helpful for me and my family. There seems to be much improved sleep, especially for myself and my son, Joshua (our 16 year old, diagnosed with autism). We are interested in ordering more Memon products.”

“…since I plugged in the big house Memon in the children’s bedroom (on the night when we returned from the visit) they both have been sleeping through every single night (they have had insomnia problems for the past few months). So this is really exciting and great news. It has been only five nights but I can tell that there is a big difference and I hope it is here to stay. Thank you very much for everything.”

“Big change with the Memon, for sure. He was up every single night between 1 and 4 in the morning for four months.

“From the first night I plugged in Memon at home, from that time on, his sleep has been perfect. My other child, daughter, stopped waking up at night, too.”

Polar Bear

“Since I have installed the house Memon, I have been feeling stronger, lighter and my voice sounding stronger.”

“I’ve had a smell of sick animal’s bodily fluids, urine or vomit, in my garage since we moved into this house, in 2009. Over the last 6 years I’ve used any chemicals under the sun to get rid of this smell but it would not budge. Surely, least of all did I expect or even think that installing Memon inside of the house would do anything to this smell in the garage. Yet, lo and behold when I entered the garage that day I noticed something new, there was no smell. I thought of what might have happened that day and the only thing that was new was that the house Memon was installed a few hours earlier. A month later the garage is still free from that sick animal smell.”

“Memon technology has been critical in providing me with relief from electromagnetic fields wherever I am – home, car, grocery store, dentist, etc. Memon has provided stability around influences such as air conditioning units, lawn mowers and leaf blowers, fluorescent lights, TV, computers, cell phones and cell towers. Although I may still feel the effect of these frequency emitting devices, the cumulative influence is far less, and manageable with Memon!”

“I have used Memon over the last four years during my medical treatments and can say conclusively that I would not have made progress in healing without Memon. I will never be without Memon protection again, and highly recommend it to anyone. The investment in Memon is an investment in one’s life.”